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15-16 AUGUST 2020


Celebrate Garlic

Since 1983, The Isle of Wight Garlic Festival has been held on the third weekend in August every year at our site at The Fighting Cocks Crossroads, just outside of Newchurch. Attended by families young and old, the Island’s Biggest Summer show plays host to star chefs, musicians, local charities and businesses and more from far and wide. With live music, children’s activities and lots of garlic, the show is not to be missed!

At the heart of the festival is of course Britain’s most loved and pungent bulb, garlic! Grown right here on the Isle of Wight, in Newchurch by the multi award-winning Garlic Farm. Working with the farm we are able to offer a truly magnificent garlic experience. You’ll find it everywhere, to eat, drink and buy!


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Come along to experience the festival and for garlic, garlic and more garlic! Try the famous garlic beer, garlic ice cream, garlic sweetcorn, garlic bread, garlic mushrooms, garlic scones, garlic bloody mary… the list goes on. PLUS sample the flavours in our Theatre Kitchen with special guests!

Since 1983

Since it first started in 1983, the Garlic Festival has grown to become one of the largest events on the Island.  


 Aria Resorts

We are delighted to welcome Aria Resorts to the 2019 Garlic Festival as sponsors. They have some great show offers available!

Our very own queen

Don’t miss the beautiful, if slightly pungent Garlic Queen.


Red Funnel

Thank you to our travel partners, Red Funnel, for supporting the Garlic Festival 2019


Get a crush on Garlic

The Garlic Farm

Working with the farm to bring you the ultimate garlic experience

We think garlic is a gastronomic wonder; it tastes great, helps bring our other flavours in food and It’s also very good for you. The festival lets us celebrate all things garlic and gives a platform for a really fun day out.

Food is an adventure, not just a way of sustaining ourselves. The more experiment, the more we are rewarded. Some forms of garlic require bravery, the kick from a highly sulphurous, piquant raw garlic clove can be very strong. Equally, a great majesty of garlic is its ability to gently lift the flavour profiles of other ingredients, in other words, adding a small quantity of garlic to our caramelised onion chutney lifts the sweetness.

At the festival (as well as at the farm itself) we offer free tasting of our products so everyone can push their own envelope, sampling everything form the safe to the strong.
— Natasha Edwards - The Garlic Farm